Umzimvubu Local Municipality held an engagement session with women representatives from different women structures within the municipality. This engagement was held in the form of a one day conference in Mount Ayliff Town Hall. As part of women’s month, the municipality’s Special Programmes and Communication hosted this convergence which focused on the challenges facing women with regards to economic empowerment as well as a retrospective view into the distance that has been covered in empowering women. This is also in the light of having had our democracy for the past 20 years.

The question is whether enough has been done to equip women and assist them in gaining the independence momentum as they were previously disadvantaged. The conference also sought to identify women’s best successful moments during the democratic era in South Africa, with specific focus to women of Umzimvubu. Mayor Councillor Phangwa encouraged women to be strong and take charge for their lives. She placed emphasis on the opportunities that are there for women in the form of business opportunities. “Women need to exploit the opportunities that institutions such as SEDA and Development Corporations offer. The time for waiting for husbands to provide for them is gone, it is old fashioned. Women are very strong these days and they are successful.” she said.

Lumka Mninzi presented elements of a woman with substance. With her boldness and confidence, she shared her anecdotes of success and her journey to it. With an inspiring face and convincing smile, Mninzi spoke of the hardships she had gone through as a young lady which prepared her for being a courageous woman. Her will and desire to share this knowledge with the rest of ULM women was appreciated as you could tell from the cheerful crowd she was addressing. Breakaway sessions were held and different empowerment topics explored.