The health of employees in a workplace is an important aspect in ensuring the wellness and productivity of employees in an organization. It is said that, having healthy employees in an organization leads to a happy, less tense environment in the office thus leading to high levels of productivity and better service delivery in the organization. It is with this important fact that our Umzimvubu Local Municipality decided to embark in employee wellness programmes.

The Corporate services department hosted a wellness day on the 21st of September, where they invited health practitioners and insurance brokers to do free medical tests and presentations for Umzimvubu’s workforce.

Amongst the invited health practitioners who, where there to offer their services was the TB and HIV association of South Africa and the Gateway care clinic together with Dr. T Mahlati, who was there to help with HIV testing. Cllr M Mataka who is the portfolio head for the Corporate Services department encouraged emplyees to do regular HIV tests and to know their status as prevention is better than cure, but most importantly encouraged workers to smile and laugh more as it leads to a longer life span.

Indeed there was a lot of fun and laughter with games. Congratulations to Ms. Amanda Monakali and Mr Mbana who both won themselves a 6moths free gym at the Sofia municipal park gymnasium.