Umzimvubu Local Municipality is set to re-determine municipal boundaries, a program that will run from 2017 to 2021. The Municipal Demarcation Board (MBD) is South Africa’s municipal demarcation authority, whose mission is to deepen democracy and to facilitate the socio-economic transformation of the country for the benefit of its citizens. As part of the consultation process the municipality together with the Municipal Demarcation Board provided advisory services to state entities and other relevant stakeholders being all 27 wards in the municipality.

For the past 17 years, the Municipal Demarcation Board (MDB) has been in the forefront of spatial transformation in South Africa through the re-determination of municipal boundaries. This process evolved from addressing spatial injustices of the past to rationalizing municipalities into functional units to meet their constitutional obligations, including infrastructure and service delivery.

The technical process is currently underway at the Alfred Nzo District. However more consultative processes are to follow in the most affected wards with regards to outer ward boundaries of those municipal wards. Umzimvubu Local Municipality and the Ntabankulu Local Municipality are one of the affected municipalities in light of outer boundaries. Affected communities are yet to be involved in all consultative engagements regarding this particular process.

According to the Honorable Mayor Cllr B.P Mabengu, “Communities need to be aware that the municipal demarcation process has positive spinoffs for all communities. One of them being the provision of an accountable government and adequate service delivery to the communities in an equitable and sustainable manner. With this said we also aim to promote a safe and crime free environment in spite of the recent cannibal attacks on our people. However it’s pleasing to note that our people were directly consulted and have agreed to certain changes while other communities have rejected the process with a fictional belief of service delivery delays”.

The municipality is determined to transform the livelihoods of both towns and turn Umzimvubu into one of the most developed rural settlements by 2030.