In a Council meeting held in KwaBhaca Town Hall on 27 March 2019, Umzimvubu Local Municipality elected Cllr S.K. Mnukwa as the Mayor. This is after the position of the Mayor was left vacant due to the passing on of the late Cllr BP Mabengu in December 2018. For the past three months Cllr NF Ngonyolo was acting as the Mayor and her acting period had lapsed leaving the position of the Mayor vacant.
Cllr S.K. Mnukwa is no new face in politics, he served the people of Umzimvubu since the TRCs which were established after 1994 before the establishment of Local Government. He also served in various structures of the ANC in the Alfred Nzo Region, as a member of ANC Regional Executive Committee and as an Administrator in government. The current Council elected him as the Speaker, a position in which he served excellently with his noble leadership skills.
The new Mayor vows to carry the legacy that the late Cllr Mabengu left by promoting local economic development. “My plan is to mend relations with the business sector in order to improve the economy of this municipality” said Cllr Mnukwa while addressing the Council for the first time after being robed as the Mayor. He further said “We are going to forge relations with the Provincial Economic and Rural Development Department to empower and improve the agricultural sector of Umzimvubu. This will assist us to elevate poverty by creating jobs for our people as there will be no more subsistence farming but agro farming.
As the office of the Speaker was left vacant after Cllr Mnukwa resigned as the Speaker, Cllr NF Ngonyolo was therefore elected by the Council to fill the vacant position. This woman has a decorated political career, she emerged after 2011 Local Government Elections (LGE) as ward 21’s Ward Councillor. Because of her dedication to serve the people during 2016 LGE she was re-elected as the Ward Councillor and later deployed as the member of the Executive Committee where she led SPU and Communications department as the Portfolio Head and later deployed to lead as the Political Head in Local Economic Development Department until she was granted the mandate to lead Umzimvubu as the Acting Mayor for three (03) full months.
“The Speakers Office is the link between councillors, Traditional Leaders, all municipal stakeholders and the public at large therefore promoting unity amongst these stakeholders will be my priority as the municipality has already started hosting the Traditional Leader’s Summit held in Margate on 25-26 March 2019 which was a success where it was resolved that working relations between the Traditional Leaders and the Council will be intensify towards integrated service delivery.
Cllr NC Mnyayiza who is a Ward Councillor of ward 15 was also elected as the member of the Executive Committee and will lead the portfolio of the Local Economic Development and Environmental Management.
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