Subsequent to the statement issued on the 18th July 2019, Umzimvubu Local Municipality has been advised on unlawful activities conducted by illegal RDP occupants in Chitwa Village. It has been reported that since the eviction of illegal RDP occupants on the 19th July 2019, they have again contravened the court order granted by the Mount Ayliff Magistrate Court by forcefully occupying the structures and by unlawfully evicting the rightful occupants.

Proceeding to their eviction, the illegal occupants were served with a notice to vacate their homes. However the respondents have subsequently ignored the notice and continued to unlawfully occupy these structures. On the 29th July 2019, Umzimvubu law enforcement officers together with the Town Sheriff visited Chitwa Village and found that the occupants had returned to occupy these structures. This was then followed by another eviction of illegal occupants whereby the rightful owners were immediately moved into their RDP homes. It was then agreed that the SAPS would monitor the area for any potential threats or violence.

It’s unfortunate to note that a dissatisfied group of individuals, violently evicted the rightful owners from their RDP homes yesterday evening (30th July 2019). One of the victims had some of his furniture burnt while others were left injured. The municipality has filed a case with the SAPS against all perpetrators who violently evicted and harmed these residents.

“It should be noted that no one is above the law. This criminal act is unjustifiable and I vehemently call upon law enforcement officers to strengthen their security in the area and ensure that those implicated in the violent eviction are found and arrested” said the Mayor of Umzimvubu, Cllr S.K Mnukwa.

A warrant of arrest has since been issued out for all individuals identified at yesterday’s illegal eviction.

For any enquiries or more information kindly contact:

Mrs Nokhanyo Zembe
HOD: Communications and SPU
Umzimvubu Local Municipality
039 255 8508 / 072 091 3952