Umzimvubu Local Municipality takes pleasure in informing affected Stakeholders, it's Business Chamber, Local Developing and Established Businesses, Residential and Business Rate Payer as well as the rest of the Community of its Rate Payer's Award Ceremony that will take place on the 19-20 June 2013 at Mount Frere Town Hall (19-06-2013) and Mount Ayliff (20-06-2013). Please do note that both events will be held in in the evening at 17H00 sharp. The Municipality has been obtaining an Unqualified Audit opinion for two consecutive years. This then brought the idea of involving our Business and Residential Stakeholders, whom we felt have a vast contribution in the building of such a reputation and earning this Financial Outcome. At this Award Ceremony, 5 Best Paying Rate Payers (Business and Residential) in Mount Frere and 5 Best Paying Rate Payers (Business and Residential) in Mount Ayliff. In addition to these categories is the involvement of our Local Economic Development and Citizen and Community Development Departments who will be awarding 2 Cleanest Households (1 in Mount Frere and 1 in Mount Ayliff) and 2 Cleanest Businesses in the respective towns. We believe that keeping our towns green attracts tourist and contributes to our local economic development while on the other hand cooperation and consistent rates paying increases the Municipal revenue, thus assisting the institution in its quest to upgrade from Grade 03 to Grade 04.