As part of a drive to improve Communication within and externally, the SP & Communication Department of Umzimvubu Local Municipality held a Communication Induction Session that ran over two days at Margate Hotel on 16-17 April 2012; where stakeholders and organisations such as the district office of GCIS, Office the Premier (OTP), SABC national and regional offices as well as Alfred Nzo District Municipality pledged their support.

Aimed at equipping and sensitising the Local Municipality’s Councillors, Senior Management, Middle and Junior Staff members, pace was set and objectively it was for the purpose of touching and emphasising the importance of communication in building and maintaining a not only stable and sound communication platform but sink deep into how it serves as a strategic tool to enhancing service delivery and maintaining sound relations with the communities Umzimvubu Local Municipality serves and its mandate. Brent Simon, Skills, Training and Development Manager from the National Office (GCIS) facilitated the conveyance of in depth content of the session where concepts such as Development Communication, Line Communication, and Reputation Maintenance through Image Management, Crisis Communication, Stakeholder Relations, Internal and External Communication were discussed.