The mayor of Umzimvubu Mrs. BP Mabengu welcomed distinguished guests, the honorable Traditional Councilors together with her fellow Council and initiation forum at the Sophia Recreational Park on the 9th of September. The mayor opened the talks by emphasizing the significance of the responsibility all stakeholders hold in ensuring sound service delivery is rendered to communities at their wards.

Mrs. Mabengu applauded her traditional leaders for stabilizing the wards as there was political intolerances in some wards. The mayor once again emphasized the need for all councilors to follow the code of conduct and ethics of the municipality in order to deliver good governance to communities.

The honorable Speaker Mr. KS Mnukwa then chaired the sitting and gave his opening remarks by encouraging the councilors to read the reading material they are provided by the government and stakeholders, so as to be knowledgeable and be able to offer quality governance to their wards. The speaker also reminded the councilors that they had solemnly pledged that they will work for the people.

He then went on to explain the honor and dignity associated to the pledge which they as councilors have taken and that this too should be conveyed by all councilors to their respective wards. The speaker spoke of the inter-relation between councilors and traditional leaders in ensuring good work ethics and practices. He also encouraged the councilors and leaders together with forum to make use of his office at any time for any important issues. Unkosi uNonyaniso Fikeni stressed that they as traditional leaders are advisory bodies of the municipality and are not part of the exco. The chief spoke of the transition from when there was still confusion as to the roles councilors and traditional leaders played in the government system, to the current system where each and every stakeholder understands precisely what role they have in community servicing. She then asked the councilors to continue on the beautiful model that has already been created by the previous council and also thanked the municipality for holding the session to meet and align with the council and municipality as to how to effectively deliver services.

Corporate Services manager of Umzimvubu Mrs. N Kubone spoke about work ethics and stressed that the traditional leaders and councilors should develop a work ethic. Mrs Kubone also mentioned the different ways available for the councilors and traditional leaders to communicate together with the municipality. Amongst other things she mentioned integrity. She encouraged the councilors to not make false promises to their communities and to be accountable at their wards. Mrs Kubone also reminded the councilors to be responsible in terms of their work, and told them to keep proper records of their work and to work as a team in executing their tasks. She reminded councilors to display discipline and charisma in dealing with communities as they have different backgrounds, and to display leadership.

Public participation is a key indicator of the municipalities governance and as such should be a reflection of the level of work by the councilors. Honourable councilor Dangisa gave a vote of thanks and also thanked the Initiation forum and facilitators for providing them with fruitful and powerful information. He also thanked the Umzimvubu Local municipalitiy for equipping them as councilors with the necessary resources to deliver services.