It’s that time of the year again, when most local residents prepare themselves for yet another academic cycle while also redressing themselves back to work. With that said I’d also like to take this opportunity and congratulate the class of 2016 for their marginal improvement of 63,3% from 56,8% in 2015. However it’s with this plea that I urge parents, grandparents and guardians to encourage their children to pursue careers that seek to uplift the current economic state while also improving their state of living. Moreover NSFAS continues their bid of assisting disadvantaged pupils with the privilege of obtaining their qualification and it boils back to them to play their part by forwarding their applications.

On a slightly different tone, the year 2017 promises a great deal of projects, events and more efficient ways of providing service delivery to our residing communities as promised. In that regard I’d like to further urge our business communities to play their part in curbing youth unemployment within the region of Umzimvubu. Moreover I plead with our local communities to develop a self-sufficient and sustainable society where every household has access to agricultural means of production in their household.

Lastly, to the staff of Umzimvubu Local Municipality let’s keep providing quality services to our communities and maintain our clean audit. With that said I welcome you all to 2017.