An induction conference for the Council of Umzimvubu Local municipality, took place at the Margate Hotel and conference Centre on the 28/08/2016-31/08/2016. This important conference hosted by the Umzimvubu municipality, happens to be the first gathering of the newly appointed ward councilors and Traditional leaders with management of the Umzimvubu Local Municipality.

The sitting was chaired by the newly appointed Speaker of the Council, Cllr SK Mnukwa, whose task as Speaker, is to be the voice and link of the council, to management of the municipality in terms of cohesion between the municipality and the ward communities which they represent. The Speaker’s charismatic and lively character contributed immensely to the success of this induction course for the councilors. Assisted by the programme’s facilitator, a very funny Mr. Bandile .The two programme directors helped take the councilors threw detailed presentations by the different departments of the municipality, on the functioning of the municipality.

The intense programme kicked off almost immediately as the councilors arrived at the venue, after checking in. The opening was presented by Bandile, to describe the contextual framework and laws that govern the municipality. The facilitator also shared light on Umzimvubu’s successes since the last term, as being an ever developing municipality.

He then began to break down the key performance areas of the municipality for the councilors and traditional leaders to better understand, how they fit in and what is required of them as people’s representatives. Day two of this uniformed event began as it left off, with the Speaker taking his councilors on a recap in a “class room” format, where he even asked the council questions from the presentations from day 1. Local Economic Development Manager; Ms. S Batyi, gave an overview of the statistics of the municipality in terms of the population, land use, employment and entreneurship. She also encouraged the council to empower their communities by encouraging them to venture into business and agriculture in order to curb the high rate of unemployment and dependency amongst the community. Session Seven of the conference was the introduction of the integrated development Plan (IDP), which is the core strategic area of the municipality. This important session was presented by IDP manager Mr. M Vakalisa, who highlighted the fact that all councilors together with the municipal structures should work as one in delivering affective, cost effective service delivery to the communities they serve. The key area to achieving all municipal goals is how its different factions communicate, Special Programs & Communication Assistant Managers: Ms. Z Ndevu and Mrs. N Fikeni respectively, gave reports on events and communication strategies that had been adopted in the previous term. The guest speakers for the day to induct the councilors on communication was Communication manager of the Alfred Nzo District Mr. N Masumpa and GCIS (government communication and information systems) Assistant Director in the district Mr. N Kopo.

The ever so energetic Manager of Corporate Services Mrs. Novuko Kuboni wrapped up the induction conference by giving the councilors a brief presentation on the functions of the office which she runs. She also gave them a crash course on the policies and codes of conduct of the municipality. Last but not least was Protocol and etiquette which was presented by a guest from the Office of the Premier a Mr. Lihle Mhlwana.