A mentor, a leader, father, brother, friend. All these descriptions are fitting of our beloved Mr. S Kulu, who recently had to leave us here at Umzimvubu to take post at our district office (Alfred Nzo) as the districts Portfolio head of IGR & Communications. Mr. Kulu’s colleagues and family gave testimonial of how much of a character Mr. Kulu was. The evening was full of emotion and laughter as Mr. Kulu’s friends told funny stories of the time they spent with him. Being his humble self, Mr. Kulu gave a heartwarming speech of the time he spent with us at Umzimvubu and also thanked the Special Programmes and Communications Department for organizing the sendoff party, as he didn’t expect it. The department also gave him beautiful gifts which they knew would be useful to Tat’uKulu and really be of sentimental value to him. On behalf of the Umzimvubu Local Municipality, we would like to wish Mr. Kulu a prosperous journey in his pursuit to greener pastures.