Expressing their views through debate, Umzimvubu Schools compete”.

Primary and Secondary schools from around KwaBhaca and Emaxesibeni competed against each other in the form of debate as part of Umzimvubu Local Municipality Freedom month awareness at Amabhaca Craft Centre in KwaBhaca on 17 May 2016. The delayed event took place in intergration with the Department of Education. Sakhisizwe Primary, Gillespie S.P.S, Mbodleni S.P.S, Makaula S.S.S, and Mbodleni S.S.S. competed against each other, with some proposing the motion and others opposing it. In teams of 3 the scholars who participated showed so much confidence a passion for what they were doing. The topic for discussion was whether South Africa is doing enough to educate its Youth about Freedom. Proposers were agreeing with the statement, substantiating it as much with facts whilst the opposition was in rebuts, equally stating their facts as well. An established school’s debate club is in existence within the Mount Frere District championed by Mr Zolile Mbuqe, a Senior Language Specialist (Linguist) within the District who trains these students with a mission to improve their language and communication skills. “We equip these kids with language skills through the debating so that we ensure that they do not feel small when they get to tertiary level when interacting with the so called model c schools,” said Mbuqe. The Municipality organised prizes for the winners in the form of Tablets which the Assistant Manager for Special Programmes and Communications Nonceba Fikeni indicated are to assist the students in their research, as it is key in knowledge expansion. The freedom Day School’s debate was held for the second time this year and is intended to take place on an annual basis. Sakhisizwe Primary School won this year’s debate competition.